About me

I’m a Polish girl that loves to eat and cook and this place is the result of that love. I quit eating meat about four years ago and since a few months now I’m cooking 100% plant-based and I discovered that it’s not as complicated as I thought!

My big passions are yoga, travels – both to the new places and to those well-known like Polish seaside that amazes me every single time – and reading books and new studies about nutrition, because I like to keep up with all the updates in this area.

I’m very interested of foreign languages and cultures, to such an extent that I’m a fourth year Swedish Philology student. Additionally I learn also German, Spanish and Norwegian.

I would like for this blog to help break the stereotypes around plant-based diet, because after all we can find thousands of delicious answears to that age-old question “what do you actually eat?”.

I invite you to explore the diveristy of all the flavours with me!

Bon appétit!

Gotuj pysznie z roślin!
Zapisz się, żeby otrzymywać roślinne inspiracje prosto na swoją skrzynkę!